Charity Auctions

As the premier auction company for property we provide our expertise and the services of our Lead Auctioneer to charity events. A focus on social responsibility, community upliftment and having fun in the process is a great way for High Street Auctions to add value and provide a platform for charities to raise money in order to do important work in the community. 

Joff believes that corporate social responsibility is the commitment to contribute to sustainable economic development by working with charities, employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve their lives in ways that are good for business and for development.

Joff is regarded as one of South Africa’s most high profile charity/benefit auctioneers and has been involved with some of the largest and most distinguished charity organisations in the world. He has helped raise millions to benefit their causes such as and many others where he regularly performs charity work for leading charities including:
  • Virgin
  • The Kellogg’s Trust
  • The Nelson Mandela Foundation & 46664
  • The Oppenheimer Trust
  • Princess Caroline of Monaco
  • President Bill Clinton,
  • The Mandela-Rhodes Foundation,
  • Prince Harry’s SA trust
  • The Sunflower Fund