Refer a Property Campaign




• This property referral campaign will end on 31 May 2021, however, High Street Auction Co may in its sole and absolute discretion cancel this campaign whether due to Force Majeure, or such other reason as High Street Auction Co deem appropriate including but not limited to the imposition of a "hard lockdown" by the government of the Republic of South Africa. Provided that in the event of termination of the campaign, such termination will not affect any referrals provided, prior to the written notification by High Street Auction Co of the termination of the campaign.
• Staff and affiliates of The High Street Auction Co, are excluded from benefiting from this campaign.
• All properties referred, must be submitted via The High Street Auction Co website by close of business (17h00) Monday 31 May 2021.
• Only properties which sell for R1 million or higher will qualify for the referral fee of R20 000. No warranties, of whatsoever nature are provided by High Street Auction Co in regard to the selling price.
• The R20 000 referral fee excludes VAT and shall only be payable upon the transfer of the property pursuant to the successful conclusion of a Sale Agreement by High Street Auction Co in respect of the property referred to herein.
• The High Street Auction Co reserves the right to accept or decline a property, referred for auction.
• In the event of a property being referred by multiple parties, the commission shall only be payable to the party who gave the referral to High Street via its website, first in time, based on the date of the referral appearing on its website. High Street's decision in this regard shall be final and binding.
• The referral fee will only apply once the property has been sold by High Street Auction Co subsequent to registration of transfer.
• Payment will be made via EFT, subsequent to the transfer of the referred property.
• Payment will be made into the referring party's bank account only. No third-party payments are permitted.
• Where applicable, payment will be made to the Estate Agency or Brokerage where a property is referred by an agent working for an Estate Agency or Brokerage.
• The referral fee may not be deducted in lieu of advertising costs.
• The referral fee may be claimed by a seller referring his/her own property.

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